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Testerkorea Haul #1 (Bahasa Indonesia)

Di tahun 2016 ini saya sering sekali belanja beauty stuff dan hampir 90% via online.  Kebanyakan saya belanja dari website luar, biasanya ga langsung dikirim ke Indonesia tapi ke rumah teman yang di Eropa dan mereka mau ke Bali. Ada juga yang dikirim langsung ke rumah seperti belanja di online shop Korea karena biaya pengirimannya lebih murah ke sini. Salah satunya dari website ini. Sesuai namanya, Testerkorea ini berasal dari Korea Selatan dan menjual beauty dan fashion stuff. Saya ga pernah masuk ke section fashion, hanya ubek-ubek di bagian beauty. Di blog post ini adalah keempat kalinya saya belanja di sini, tapi di bagian judul saya kasih #1 karena baru pertama kali ditulis. Berikut The Good and The Bad belanja di sini.

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A Fresh Start with Antipodes Skincare

Antipodes Skincare

Antipodes Skincare

Antipodes is a certified organic and premium natural skincare brand based in New Zealand and is the first natural skincare brand that I discovered. Even if it was not love at the first use between us, I bought a few products from them and plan to continue doing so. If you want to know my thoughts about their products, keep on reading!

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The French Pharmacie Haul

French Pharmacy Haul
Pharmacie Haul! It was the only activity I planned since my visa to France got accepted. Well, I did Lush Haul, Carrefour Haul to get Le Petit Marseilleais and friends, and off course Sephora Haul at last. What can I say, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right?

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Review: Jojoba Oil from Utama Spice

Jojoba Oil from Utama Spice

Jojoba oil has saved my skin during Christmas trip to France so, I am going to review about it. This Jojoba Oil comes from Utama Spice, one of natural skincare company in Bali.

What is it?

Based on their website, Jojoba oil is structurally and chemically very similar to the human sebum produced by the sebaceous glands in our skin because sebum is also largely comprised of wax mono esters. In most cases, it can act as a substitute while giving similar or added benefits compared to sebum. 

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