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Obrolan Matthera #1

Halo guys, apa kabar nih? (semprat-semprot Cling dulu biar kinclong)
Maaf ya vakum… karena perjalanan hidup lagi berlika-liku dan sulit untuk menuliskannya, lebih cepat mendokumentasikan via snapchat aja, hehe.. kalo ada yg aktif di sana bisa add saya di hera.shinysmile isinya seputaran objek pariwisata di Bali, tempat makan, my skincare addiction and kehidupan sehari-hari aja. Ga bakal banyak wefie.
Kali ini saya pengen cerita ttg obrolan sama Mamat saat buka puasa sabtu kemarin. Ntah dengan nada protes atau iri tiba-tiba dia buka percakapan dengan bilang “kok bisa sih kamu tidur dengan suara ribut begitu”.

sleep in waerebo

Matt mencoba tidur waktu nyampe Waerebo

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2016 matthera

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Thirteen days passed by and it went just like what I need. I do not have high hope for this year, but I do have some goals for my sanity. So here some points I want to emphasize for 2016

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In 2015, I joined Goodreads reading challenge to read 12 books, but I managed only to read ten books (one book was not available on Goodreads). This year I increase the number up to 15 books with an expectation to read at least two books in a month. Current reading is a true story about a royal family in Saudi Arabia. The title is Princess More Tears to Cry written by Jean Sasson. I quite like this book and now on page 155 out of 392. The next book to read is 5W1H written by Yoris Sebastian. It has only 131 pages, I will manage to nail two books in January. For the next few months, I am eyeing some books on Amazon since they are not available at our local bookstore. It is going to be my first purchase on this site. Excited.

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Why can’t we simply say: “I do not know.”


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Yesterday we went to a birthday dinner in a Japanese restaurant. The food was delicious, the place pleasant, the Air Conditioning full ON and the room temperature close to the spring in Europe for a country with an average temperature at 28°C all year… Nothing special here.

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Keep doing what you love

11715In 2011, I realized my first roaming trip in Indonesia, for four months. It was my first time travelling alone in a foreign country and that was an exciting adventure…

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