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Things Different in France

Things Different in France

This time was my third time I visited France. Visiting France for Christmas festive was a different experience than my other visits. It filled with family gatherings, food, champagne, and gifts! It was the first time I received so many cadeaux, mostly about skincare, which is my current addiction.

In this post, I am not going tell how we spent our Christmas and New Year’s Eve because basically it was an intimate moment with other family members. Good time for me to get to know more member of C and K clans. Right now, I want to write about my experience and things I spotted that make my forehead or eyes get more wrinkle from pondering or laughing. Here they are…

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Marié à tout prix

Age: 25 ans. Situation familiale: Marié.


C’est en cochant les cases des papiers administratifs que j’ai vraiment réalisé. Cette petite case jusqu’alors vierge et à laquelle je n’avais jamais porté la moindre attention est soudain devenue pleine (de sens)…

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