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MATTHERA CHANNEL (It’s not a blog, it’s not a vid, it is a Vlog!)

Hello, hello! A couple of weeks ago, Hera and I decided to start a Vlog. A what?! That is the reaction that a lot of people would have…So what is our Vlog?

First, we started this blog ( to tell our stories and adventures and share our experiences, about different topics and aspects of our life (travel, food, life experiences, beauty, etc.). With a blog, we have the possibility to write about facts, food, products, and journey that we already experienced, once we are home and have access to our laptops. We talk about something that happened in the “past”.

With a VLOG, we can share our experiences as we live it! As we, or friends, film us during the facts, viewers can enjoy the experience we are living and be part of it.

We started our first Vlog with a volunteering experience in Jimbaran, as part of the Starkey “So Indonesia May Hear” mission. We ended up volunteering as a translator. For this event, “translators” were needed to explain to the beneficiary how to use the hearing device that they were going to receive. Hera and I proposed to be part of it.

During two days, we contributed to the installation of almost 700 devices, for children as well as for adults. It was a splendid experience to see a big smile coming from the beneficiary, especially children, who could hear for the first time! A lot of good energy for sure! And a very inspiring motivation from all the persons joining this mission, most of them during a weekend of their holidays in Bali. To see how it goes, you can check the video here: WEEKEND VLOG #1


For our second video, we decided to finally do the Samyang Challenge! Hera has been telling me about this for a while now and I have been postponing until today! But no escaping anymore! The challenge is quite easy, in principle: you have to cook Samyang noodles and try to finish it before your challenger. The only difficulty, it is quite spicy!!

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Follow our adventure on MATTHERA CHANNEL.

Unchain My Heart

Last week I was driving back home after work. Same way as I use every day. All of a sudden, I hear a weird noise under my feet and the motor starts to slow down. My chain just broke.

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Things Different in France

Things Different in France

This time was my third time I visited France. Visiting France for Christmas festive was a different experience than my other visits. It filled with family gatherings, food, champagne, and gifts! It was the first time I received so many cadeaux, mostly about skincare, which is my current addiction.

In this post, I am not going tell how we spent our Christmas and New Year’s Eve because basically it was an intimate moment with other family members. Good time for me to get to know more member of C and K clans. Right now, I want to write about my experience and things I spotted that make my forehead or eyes get more wrinkle from pondering or laughing. Here they are…

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2016 matthera

image from Pixabay

Thirteen days passed by and it went just like what I need. I do not have high hope for this year, but I do have some goals for my sanity. So here some points I want to emphasize for 2016

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In 2015, I joined Goodreads reading challenge to read 12 books, but I managed only to read ten books (one book was not available on Goodreads). This year I increase the number up to 15 books with an expectation to read at least two books in a month. Current reading is a true story about a royal family in Saudi Arabia. The title is Princess More Tears to Cry written by Jean Sasson. I quite like this book and now on page 155 out of 392. The next book to read is 5W1H written by Yoris Sebastian. It has only 131 pages, I will manage to nail two books in January. For the next few months, I am eyeing some books on Amazon since they are not available at our local bookstore. It is going to be my first purchase on this site. Excited.

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