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MATTHERA CHANNEL (It’s not a blog, it’s not a vid, it is a Vlog!)

Hello, hello! A couple of weeks ago, Hera and I decided to start a Vlog. A what?! That is the reaction that a lot of people would have…So what is our Vlog?

First, we started this blog ( to tell our stories and adventures and share our experiences, about different topics and aspects of our life (travel, food, life experiences, beauty, etc.). With a blog, we have the possibility to write about facts, food, products, and journey that we already experienced, once we are home and have access to our laptops. We talk about something that happened in the “past”.

With a VLOG, we can share our experiences as we live it! As we, or friends, film us during the facts, viewers can enjoy the experience we are living and be part of it.

We started our first Vlog with a volunteering experience in Jimbaran, as part of the Starkey “So Indonesia May Hear” mission. We ended up volunteering as a translator. For this event, “translators” were needed to explain to the beneficiary how to use the hearing device that they were going to receive. Hera and I proposed to be part of it.

During two days, we contributed to the installation of almost 700 devices, for children as well as for adults. It was a splendid experience to see a big smile coming from the beneficiary, especially children, who could hear for the first time! A lot of good energy for sure! And a very inspiring motivation from all the persons joining this mission, most of them during a weekend of their holidays in Bali. To see how it goes, you can check the video here: WEEKEND VLOG #1


For our second video, we decided to finally do the Samyang Challenge! Hera has been telling me about this for a while now and I have been postponing until today! But no escaping anymore! The challenge is quite easy, in principle: you have to cook Samyang noodles and try to finish it before your challenger. The only difficulty, it is quite spicy!!

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Follow our adventure on MATTHERA CHANNEL.

BIWA Bazaar 2016

BIWA Bazaar

our stand at BIWA Bazaar

Hari Minggu tanggal 30 Oktober 2016 kami ikut berpartisipasi di BIWA Bazaar 2016. Bazaar ini diadakan setahun sekali dan dana registrasi yang terkumpul akan digunakan untuk kegiatan charity organisasi BIWA sendiri. Menyesal di tahun-tahun sebelumnya kami ga pernah datang. Tahun ini kami mendaftar jadi salah satu vendornya. Trus jualan apa di sana? Pas banget memang timingnya karena saya baru selesai produksi baju pantai dengan ornamen tassel dan pom-pom, jadi kami jual baju pantai ini. Tadinya mau nambahin jual preloved dress dan buku tapi jadi ga fokus sama niche.
Jadi bajunya sudah selesai diproduksi awal Oktober, kemudian saya langsung menghubungi panitia BIWA via telpon. Nanti saya cantumkan di bawah kontaknya jika kalian ingin ikut berpartisipasi tahun depan. Biaya pendaftarannya sendiri IDR 350.000 (sepertinya tiap tahun harganya berbeda). Dengan biaya ini kami dapat meja ukuran 180 cm x 60 cm, dua buah kursi, dan taplak meja. Jika perlu aliran listrik bisa didapatkan dengan tambahan biaya IDR 200.000, tapi kami ga pakai. Acaranya sendiri di lapangan parkir Lottermart di Jalan ByPass yang ke arah Sanur. Tema tahun ini yang diusung adalah Say No To Plastic, Bring Your Own Shopping Bag. Jadi diharapkan para vendor ga memberikan tas plastik. Akhirnya kami buat tas kertas coklat polos dengan tali pegangan warna kuning, karena akhir-akhir ini saya lagi suka warna kuning.

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Soundrenaline Bali 2015

Duta So7 performs on Soundrenaline 2015 Bali

Duta So7 performs on Soundrenaline 2015 Bali

Before September ends, we would like to share our concert experience this month. We went to a music festival in Uluwatu called Soundrenaline. The event was held on September 5th and 6th. A daily pass for one day is IDR 75,000 and two days is IDR 100,000. We were lucky enough to receive free tickets from Hera’s friend who work for a company that creates this event. We joined for the second day because I wanted to watch WOLFMOTHER, less famous than I thought Australian rock band.

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August is special!

with #gangsanurgang

Hello, we come to the end of August, and I want to share that I am happy with how I spent my August. August is a special month since this month is my birthday! I am turning 28 years old on August 20th woohoo…

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Glenn Fredly Concert

Glenn Fredly in action

Glenn Fredly and friends in action

On the 5th of August, we went to Glenn Fredly’s concert (apparently renowned Indonesian singer). This concert was celebrating his 20th year of career and even if I had some apprehensions, it was totally amazing!

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Why can’t we simply say: “I do not know.”


image from here

Yesterday we went to a birthday dinner in a Japanese restaurant. The food was delicious, the place pleasant, the Air Conditioning full ON and the room temperature close to the spring in Europe for a country with an average temperature at 28°C all year… Nothing special here.

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