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Gouter: Churros in Bali

I want Churros

Welcome to our Gouter rubrique!

For the first post, we bring you to Churros La Fonda. You read it right, you can have Churros in Bali. As you may know, Bali is famous with its rice paddies, Churros La Fonda takes this chance to offer local and foreign resident to enjoy Churros with a view of lush rice paddies.

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This year, I successfully completed my second Ramadhan! It is a demanding experience, both for your body and mind. Because of the abstinence of food and other things, it taught me to not take anything for granted and to appreciate the little things…

This year, the month of Ramadhan happened during  the month of June and I wrote this article at different times along the way…

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Affordable place to eat in Seminyak

outside copy

Haloha readers!
As a mixed-couple, we often face a problem when we eat outside. I am not saying that we are not adventurous eaters, but sometimes there is a day that I like to eat eastern food and Matt prefers western cuisine. So we are happy enough to find out about Warung Kecil in Sanur, just next to Hyatt Hotel. 30 minutes driving from our house but close enough to Matt’s office. We often come here for the weekend, also a lunch break before continuing our journey to explore the Eastern shore. They offer Indonesian cuisine like our mother cook and also some western food like Panini and Fresh Salad.

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[Street Food] Mie Aceh di Bali

Center map

UPDATE Nov 2016: Lokasinya pindah beberapa ratus meter ke utara, dekat dengan RS Prima Medika, pas di depan Indomaret. Google Mapsnya sudah di-update di sini.


Selama tinggal di Bali, saya baru menemukan dua tempat yang menghidangkan Mie Aceh. Warung pertama sudah tutup dikarenakan pemiliknya harus pulang kampung ke Aceh, padahal masakannya sungguh enak dan bikin kami mampir setiap minggu.

Cukup lama juga sampai akhirnya kami menemukan tempat kedua, Mie Aceh Pondok Bangladesh, saat Mamat cukur rambut di Jeg Bagus Sesetan. Lokasi tepatnya di Jalan Raya Sesetan no. 192, ga jauh dari Hardy’s supermarket.
Tempat ini dinamai Pondok Bangladesh karena sepertinya pemiliknya orang Bangladesh, saya ga sempat SKSD karena beliau selalu sibuk masak dan kadang juga ga ada di tempat. 

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