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Gouter: Churros in Bali

I want Churros

Welcome to our Gouter rubrique!

For the first post, we bring you to Churros La Fonda. You read it right, you can have Churros in Bali. As you may know, Bali is famous with its rice paddies, Churros La Fonda takes this chance to offer local and foreign resident to enjoy Churros with a view of lush rice paddies.

Located at Umalas 1, the same neighbourhood of France Consulate office, it is easy to spot this place with its Bajaj stall, a three-wheeler, with flashy colour. They fry the Churros in this Bajaj.

Churros La Fonda Umalas Bali

Bajaj Churros La Fonda Umalas

Churros La Fonda in the making

Once we step inside, we can have a direct view of green rice field and some artistic mural. We arrived around 4ish arvo and place was empty so we can choose the best spot to seat. Few minutes after, some couples come.

MattHera in Churros La Fonda Bali

We ordered Cream Filled Churros and Classic Churros. Beside Churros, they serve Panini, Salad, Waffel, Crepe and Coffee! Matt had Churros Affogato and I got the whole Coconut for the drink.

Classic Churros in Bali

Churros with Chocolate Filled in Bali







Churros Affogato in Bali

Bali Coconut






The rice field view with light breeze constantly makes this place very comfortable. Their playlist also great so we enjoy a lot. We recommend this place for Gouter Time. Food tastes great, affordable and perfect ambience.

Churros La Fonda Bali

Churros La Fonda Menu

La Fonda Bali Menu

want them?


come here!

Churros La Fonda Umalas

ig: @churroslafonda

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  1. Jadi pengen kesini bangeeeeet! Aku suka sekali churros dan semenjak di Bali belum pernah makan ini mbaaa. Nanti mau kesana ahhh~ 😀

    • Hera

      Bagus emang tempatnya, Bia! Apalagi sekarang sawahnya masih hijau, Instagramable lah 😉

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