This year, I successfully completed my second Ramadhan! It is a demanding experience, both for your body and mind. Because of the abstinence of food and other things, it taught me to not take anything for granted and to appreciate the little things…

This year, the month of Ramadhan happened during  the month of June and I wrote this article at different times along the way…

10/06/2016: Here we are again, the month of Ramadhan, the “au lit” month. The fasting month where everything goes slow, at least from dawn to dark… Like everything new, the first days are always the most difficult. Living in a tropical country, the lack of water is my major concern during this month. It is hot, it is humid, and any move you make, makes you really, really thirsty.

During this month I really come to realize the value of the simple things we usually take for granted, like food and water. When I am finally able to break my fasting, this first sip of water…! It also trains your spirit as all these things are near you, around you, you see people eating and drinking all day long, and you could break the fast at any moment if you would, it is at reaching distance. It is up to you.


People are doing fasting for many reasons and I do not know all of them. Certain people say it allow them to calm down and relax, as their bodies are weak due to the lack of food and water. Some others say it helps them to think and/or meditate.

For me, I would say it is more about realizing that we are living in a society where we over consume everything and we do not realize and appreciate what we already have. We just want more, of everything, all the time. During the Ramadhan it is represented principally with food and water, but it can be generalized to much more…

01/07/2016: I wrote the first part of this article at the half of the Ramadhan, and now that the fasting month is slowly coming to an end (D-5), I think it is interesting to have a second level of reading on this particular month.

As the fasting continued, other feelings and sensations started to develop. I became used to not eat and drink, a bit less used to the very short sleeping cycles. I normally do a lot of sports and outdoor activities, almost on a daily basis. It has been almost 30 days now that I have not done any sport for example, and I do not feel good about it. When I say I do not feel good about it, it is from a mind and body point of view. On another hand, I am super psyched to start again in one week and will surely enjoy twice as much as before when I will start again all my activities.

That is the interesting thing about it. Many times I wanted to stop and go back to my normal activities, but I think it would have felt wrong to stop halfway and to have not completed this experience.

I am really looking forward to the last day of fasting and I will feel happy to have succeeded even with the doubts and struggles along the way.

After this experience, my idea of the Ramadhan stayed quite the same. We need to slow down a notch and take the time to appreciate what we already have. Do not take everything for granted,  and to stop trying to obtain always more!