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Month: July 2016

Waterfall Trip in North of Bali

Waterfall Trip in Bali

Waterfall Trip in Bali

There are many waterfalls in Bali, most of them are in Singaraja regency. It is a 3 hours trip from Ngurah Rai airport. Since we live in Denpasar, we went there by motorbike.

We did a two days trip (Saturday and Sunday) as it was more convenient to spend the night over there. On Saturday, we spent half of the day driving north, stopped mid-way for lunch and looked for an accommodation to spend the night. We ended up exploring our first waterfall late in the afternoon, around 16:00 PM.
The first waterfall we visited was located in Sambangan Village. They call it Sambangan Secret Garden but it is better known as Aling-Aling Waterfall, especially by local people. There are many waterfalls in this area but we decided to explore this particular one after hearing good reviews about it. If you look at Google, Instagram or Google Map, there will be many things you can explore with these keywords (Aling-Aling, Sambangan, Waterfall).

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This year, I successfully completed my second Ramadhan! It is a demanding experience, both for your body and mind. Because of the abstinence of food and other things, it taught me to not take anything for granted and to appreciate the little things…

This year, the month of Ramadhan happened during  the month of June and I wrote this article at different times along the way…

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