life partner

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When I started having a serious relationship in my teenage, I realized that spending more than half of our life with the same person is terrifying.  Although I had drawn my future life with this person as the effect of monkey love, I love you till the end kinda imagination. After the first broke up, It took me a handful of experiences before I knew what I need to look for in a life partner.

So here is my humble suggestion.

Your childhood might be filled with Cinderella story or any similar Disney movie. Where the male figure comes with a good shape, charming character and as a knight in shining armor that helps you in any difficult situation. As we grow up, this dream follows us. We look for someone with the same criteria, otherwise, we are just not that into him. In my case, a male with an intelligence, cute face, and a good sense of humor always turn me on. So I spent my puberty with these types. From all the lovey-dovey to break ups, I come to a realization that I do not need a male figure to fix my problem because I can do it by myself. Yeah, I am that kind of superwoman. Sometimes I intimidated them and cursed if things go wrong because of his action.

This egocentric always comes to the surface and help me a lot through the break ups. So I did not suffer a lot. But still, I try again a new relationship because it is as addicted as it is. What is the addiction?

I tell you, girls and women. we know we can do everything in life and we do not need a man. BUT we need a partner to share the feeling we encounter daily. Isn’t it nice when we are scared to death, feeling lost, worry about life, or the joy feeling, success to get our goal, or as simple as when we are cold during winter season and we know there is this person who always be there, hold your heart, make you warm inside out.. No matter when we are falling or almost falling and when we are floating on cloud nine. We still can be grounded together with this person. So pay attention to the chemical reaction that comes from your first meeting because this matters!

For my life partner, thank you for always always always stand by me no matter how ugly or pretty I am.

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