2016 matthera

image from Pixabay

Thirteen days passed by and it went just like what I need. I do not have high hope for this year, but I do have some goals for my sanity. So here some points I want to emphasize for 2016

o    Read more

In 2015, I joined Goodreads reading challenge to read 12 books, but I managed only to read ten books (one book was not available on Goodreads). This year I increase the number up to 15 books with an expectation to read at least two books in a month. Current reading is a true story about a royal family in Saudi Arabia. The title is Princess More Tears to Cry written by Jean Sasson. I quite like this book and now on page 155 out of 392. The next book to read is 5W1H written by Yoris Sebastian. It has only 131 pages, I will manage to nail two books in January. For the next few months, I am eyeing some books on Amazon since they are not available at our local bookstore. It is going to be my first purchase on this site. Excited.

o    Write more

Last year with the help of my friend Alex, we created this blog, and I like to have this space to tell stories in our view. For this year, I am going to write more and expect at least produce two blog posts per month. As for Matthieu, he will be just one post per a month since he is busier than me. I know my English and Writing skill are low, with this way I could practice more and make my way to improve it. So bear with me, dear readers.

For this blog content, the plan is to write more in the section of health and beauty since I build a big interest on skincare for the last couple of month. For the last few years, I only have one cleanser, one moisturizer, and SPF. Until now it grows as a skincare arsenal. I learn to understand my skin better, although there were some trial and errors. Those moments are my experience to have a better skin in the future. I grow habit to read skincare ingredients and understand which one should avoid, something that never done before. So this is a nice thing to share with some girl readers.

o    Do sport more

On February 2015, I started my first pilates class and on June we joined a gym and pool member club. I did more pilates as there is a problem with my right knee. It is getting well, but I still cannot walk too long. This year I am going to do swimming and pilates regularly. At least, twice a week so my body can function well. I enjoy these sports as they don’t give much pressure to my knees. When my knee gets much better, I am going to do running as this was my favorite sport during high school.

o    Spend more time with family and welcome new people

Last year we spent a good time with both families, so we just need to maintain it. For me, I need to be more open to new people. I was insecure to get to know strangers as there was an unexpected experience for the year before so it gave kind of precautions every time I met them. I expect this year I can be more relaxed and get the old Hera back.

o    Create something with my hand

I had this interest on hydroponic but was turn down when it needs a man skill and tool to build the installation. So together with Matthieu, we hope this year we manage to create and harvest our lettuce and tomato.

Voila, that’s gonna be my present year. Dear 2016, Let’s enjoy life together!