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Glenn Fredly Concert

Glenn Fredly in action

Glenn Fredly and friends in action

On the 5th of August, we went to Glenn Fredly’s concert (apparently renowned Indonesian singer). This concert was celebrating his 20th year of career and even if I had some apprehensions, it was totally amazing!

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Why can’t we simply say: “I do not know.”


image from here

Yesterday we went to a birthday dinner in a Japanese restaurant. The food was delicious, the place pleasant, the Air Conditioning full ON and the room temperature close to the spring in Europe for a country with an average temperature at 28°C all year… Nothing special here.

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Rest in Love Troy, Welcome Augusta!

This post is about my previous camera, Canon G12. I named it Troy. Before this camera, I had Canon G10 that I named it Alejandro, from Lady Gaga’s song title 😀


10th October 2013, his last breath was in Messanges Beach during Sunset. Rest in Love Troy.


Last capture

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[Street Food] Mie Aceh di Bali

Center map

UPDATE Nov 2016: Lokasinya pindah beberapa ratus meter ke utara, dekat dengan RS Prima Medika, pas di depan Indomaret. Google Mapsnya sudah di-update di sini.


Selama tinggal di Bali, saya baru menemukan dua tempat yang menghidangkan Mie Aceh. Warung pertama sudah tutup dikarenakan pemiliknya harus pulang kampung ke Aceh, padahal masakannya sungguh enak dan bikin kami mampir setiap minggu.

Cukup lama juga sampai akhirnya kami menemukan tempat kedua, Mie Aceh Pondok Bangladesh, saat Mamat cukur rambut di Jeg Bagus Sesetan. Lokasi tepatnya di Jalan Raya Sesetan no. 192, ga jauh dari Hardy’s supermarket.
Tempat ini dinamai Pondok Bangladesh karena sepertinya pemiliknya orang Bangladesh, saya ga sempat SKSD karena beliau selalu sibuk masak dan kadang juga ga ada di tempat. 

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Keep doing what you love

11715In 2011, I realized my first roaming trip in Indonesia, for four months. It was my first time travelling alone in a foreign country and that was an exciting adventure…

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