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Finding Geger Beach

Geger Beach Nusa Dua

I heard about Geger Beach four years ago, when I arrived in April 2011 to explore the possibility to live in Bali. At that time I stayed at Nusa Dua Beach hotel where it is located on beach front of Nusa Dua, means every day I can just go to the private beach of the hotel. That’s exquisite beach, so I do not bother to explore other beaches.
After living here for four years, I still did not manage to find Geger Beach. Although I have been to Nusa Dua many times, sometimes do jogging in BTDC area or having fish and chip in Pirates Bay but never manage to find Geger Beach. Until yesterday, when I had something to do in Kampial. I said to Matt “let’s find this beach that haunt me like foreva.” So I type Geger Beach on my Google Maps app and voila here comes the direction, It says only take 8 minutes. We follow the direction….but tetottt that is wrong direction!!! You failed again, Google Maps! Luckily we are in Indonesia, so we can just ask random people on the street. We found a friendly security guy, and he said “just lurus terus (which means simply go ahead). We continue to drive until few meters and find a sign of Geger Beach on the left side or just before the entrance gate of MULIA Hotel (not mistaken with Melia, ok!). Parking area for car and motor quiet ok. Entrance ticket is IDR 3,000 per person.
I pinned the location so you can follow the correct direction with this link 

Here some pictures caught by Augusta

Geger Beach, Nusa Dua

Geger Beach, Nusa Dua

unique sun bed (belong to St. Regis)

unique sunbeds belong to St. Regis, they have superb Sunday brunch

live guard

we spotted two lifeguards in action


sitting or laying under the tree and listen to the sound of the sea make me calm

public sun bed

public sunbeds to rent

entrance ticket

entrance ticket

We stepped on it, and it becomes one of my favorite beaches! We do not need to walk too many stairs to get white sand beaches (as in Green Bowl and Gunung Payung). Geger Beach is quite wide, so we have plenty spots to lay down. Since there are many hotels on this beach, there are some area not possible to lay down. We can also rent a sunbed in some cafes that does not belong to hotel properties. The most important thing is there is no trash, only some algae. I also found a big tree that I adore for doing some contemplating! Love love Geger Beach.


August is special!


Soundrenaline Bali 2015


  1. I love your blog and you both :3 So cute and happy together. and it definitely makes me miss Bali! <3

    • Hera

      Waaa Puty thanks for reading and writing a comment ya 🙂 I hope we can meet up one day. Let me know if you visit Bali 🙂

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