Ubud Haul

I asked Matt to take me to Ubud a couple of weekends ago. The aim is to visit stores of beauty product that not available in the south of Bali, where we live. After driving for an hour, we arrived about lunch time, and we knew we would like to have lunch in Bali Buda (they will change the name to Bali Bunda soon). Yes while in Ubud, we could not resist not to eat healthy food. I chose for Fave Chicken Salad, which contains pro-bio chicken, mayo, spices, fresh salad with pita bread. It came with big portion and delicious! I added one raw food energizing spirulina ball to make my belly full.

Matt chose to eat Mediterranean Plate, which contain hummus, baba ganoush, tabouli, greek combo with pita bread. He likes it, but the portion is too small for him. Anyway I did not post photos of the food since I do not have a habit of taking pictures of my food, but it can change after I have my Augusta, my new camera.

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Finish with Lunch, we got out from Bali Buda then we walked to Bali Buda store that located next to the restaurant with the entrance from the main street. Some products are quite interesting. I purchased 100gr red quinoa and two packs instant noodle with carrot and dragon fruit flavor. Since I threw already the receipt, I only remember one pack noodle is around IDR 7,000. Why on earth I bought instant noodle in Ubud. Haha, it is just to fulfill my food adventure, since the noodle claimed as natural without preservative, made from organic ingredients, so it is edible for a pregnant woman and kids. Who know later when I become a preggo wife, and I am craving instant noodle, but I cannot eat Indomie. So now I got the solution :D. The brand is Alamie and Made in Yogyakarta. I have tried both and I like them a lot. I prefer carrot flavor than dragon fruit. For the red quinoa, it is still in my storage. Looking for some inspiration what should I do for this.

Getting out from the shop, we continue driving to Jalan Dewi Sita and looking for Blue Stone Botanicals. The shop is quite small and smells so good.  I bought essential oils and hair oil. The cashier told us for minimum purchase IDR 450,000 (I also threw the receipt, but I forgot if it is 400k or 450k) we can get 1 selected essential oils. So I am thinking to get another product like rain mist, but Matt said why not get a bigger oil burner. Then the price matches to get the free item.

The hair and scalp oil is excellent. I have applied a couple of times just before bedtime and rinse the next morning, it reduces my hair fall. I definitely repurchase when I go to Ubud again. For the essential oils, they are good but I still prefer Young Living if only they have a store in Bali. Last time I bought from a friend who gets them in Singapore.

The last leg of shopping route is a little shop called Sensatia that I passed all the time, not interested in visiting until I check their website and read my friend’s comment about it. I found them in Luxola also. I smell almost everything and turns out they are not my kind of fragrance. However, I bought one chamomile tea facial toner. Its smells feel smooth. I used it a couple of times but not like it. I think it because I do not feel fresh on my skin like other toners.

Voila, that’s my Ubud haul for this month. We close the weekend journey by taking a walk in Campuhan Ridge that calm our mind, a small track that gives vitamin green to our eyes.

campuhan ridge

I like reading or watching blog/vlog about a shopping spree, so here is my first attempt. Hope you enjoy it. Just write in the comment box if you want me to give deep review about any products above.

Thanks for reading!