This post is about my previous camera, Canon G12. I named it Troy. Before this camera, I had Canon G10 that I named it Alejandro, from Lady Gaga’s song title 😀


10th October 2013, his last breath was in Messanges Beach during Sunset. Rest in Love Troy.


Last capture

Alejandro was my travel companion when I was in Erasmus program. I was sorrowful back in April 2011 when I lost it because of I lent it to a friend when we were both on the hill of Mount Batur for a trance party. He borrowed it to take a sunrise moment and afterward he felt asleep. When he woke up, Alejandro was not in his hand anymore. The hardest part is to lose all pictures that I had taken during my one week trip to Bali. I captured the marvelous Mount Bromo from airplane, reunion pictures with my girlfriends in a gorgeous infinity pool, first time I did parasailing in Tanjung Benoa and, of course, the trance party I had in Bali. My friend felt guilty, and he gives me the same amount of money to get a new camera. I still in love with G10 but it was discontinued. Instead, G12 is the latest. Add a bit of my money, I bring Troy to home.

Troy was a good kid, but somehow deep in myself I become not too excited taking pictures anymore. I do not want to feel lost again, so I reduce the excitement unconsciously. Years went by, and Troy help me captured my daily life in Bali, during the weekend trip or at work. Then I had a trip to attend my husband Graduation in September 2013 for a month.

I did not realize Troy was cranky. I bring them too often to the beach, and there was dust in between the lens and the body. I did not pay attention to it. So when I was in France, we captured many memories until his last breath. From the birthday of the sister of my husband’s grandma, graduation ceremony of my husband, our road trip to east of Toulouse (Carcassonne, Aix and Marseille), and when we are in Messanges beach. His last capture was a beautiful sunset, and then he was dead. The lens cannot tuck in. I was shaking. I still need him because we will do another road trip to the west coast and a reunion with my beautiful Chilean, Big L, in Lille. I do not want him to die now! Home is far away to get him fixed.

When we arrived in Bordeaux, we tried to visit some camera stores and they said they cannot fix it. I feel devastated. I need you, Troy! There so many beautiful spots from Bordeaux to Lille that I missed capturing. After few days, I let go Troy peacefully. However when I back to Bali, I made a phone call and visited some camera services, Troy was sent to get fixed. But it was impossible.

For two years, I lived without a camera, just my iPhone 4s. I keep on traveling and taking pictures, but it feels different.

This month is my birthday. My husband is giving me a jaw-dropping present. He said let’s go to a camera shop and buy one. Before, I do a little search and found about Fujifilm X-A2. It is a bit out of the budget. Plus if we need to have accessories like the leather case. It is very hard to say yes to this. But a little bit of courage and tighten the belt, we go for it! So here welcome Augusta! He will help us to capture our daily life and easier to share directly on social media with its built-in WiFi. I need to learn him first, and I expect to enhance our blog life as well.



Do you have attachment feeling with your camera as well? What kind of camera do you use for your blog post? Share with me, I would love to know.

Thanks for reading.